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Investment Management

"For those properly prepared in advance, a bear market in stocks is not a calamity but an opportunity"                                                         -- John Templeton 

Magellan Financial Solutions offers separately managed accounts for investors seeking capital appreciation through a global investment strategy. Our investment mandate is to preserve and grow our client's wealth via a disciplined active values investing approach that identifies and participates in global economic trends.

Magellan Financial Solutions caters to individuals and their retirement accounts, family offices, and family investment vehicles. Our investment program is also suitable for institutional investors such as corporate pension plans, trusts, endowments, and charitable organizations with similar investment objectives

Client portfolios are customized to individual circumstances. This also offers a more direct and personal approach to money management. Risk tolerance, time horizons, and tax consequences are prioritized when building a portfolio. Assets are held in the client’s name at the client’s chosen brokerage firm. Portfolios are reviewed daily.

We recommend that clients have a minimum of a six figure portfolio in order to achieve a greater level of diversification. We offer a passive investment approach for smaller accounts utilizing an ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) only portfolio approach.

We also provide advice on “Held Away” assets such as your 401k, 403b, and pension plan by reviewing your plans investment choices and making written recommendations.

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